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Revitalize your home with these home improvement ideas

by Joanne M. Platz 09/12/2022

living room

Want to start on your next home improvement project? Home renovation is a great way to liven up your living space. The project can be inexpensive and can greatly improve the aesthetic and feel of your home. Try these home improvement ideas for your next remodeling projects. 

Enhance a floor with vinyl tile

Your flooring sets the tone of your home. One way to update your flooring is with vinyl tile. This tile is easy to install as it simply needs to be peeled off and applied to a surface. This type of flooring is user-friendly and typically inexpensive. 

Using vinyl tile is great if you don’t want to commit to the aesthetic for long. The tiling also comes in a plethora of designs. Perhaps you would like the appeal of hardwood floors, or you want a more flashy design. This versatility can be accomplished with vinyl title. 

Update the trim & paint

Renew your walls with a fresh coat and trim. This is great for two-toned wall combinations. If you’re going for a simplistic ambience, try painting your walls and trim in variations of shades of white. 

When painting your trim, be mindful of the sheen. The sheen should be a grade above the paint of the wall. If the wall has flat paint, a satin or glossy sheen finish helps to make the contrast pop. Do note glossy sheen can potentially highlight scratches on the trim. 

Simple DIY window trim

If you enjoy DIY projects, DIY window trim may be for you. This project can be finished in just a few hours, and simple steps for easy installation can be found online.  Updating your window trim helps to give the whole room a refreshed feel. 

Drain out your water heater

Water can deposit sediment. This settles at the bottom of a water heater and pushes it to work more than it should, which can lead to potential leaks. Once every three months, drain a fourth of a gallon of the water. This draining helps release sediment build up. 

Set up a programmable thermostat

If a home has an older dial thermostat, it may be time to upgrade the system. Check out programmable thermostats. These newer thermostat models allow for automatic temperature control throughout the home. You can schedule when you would like AC or heating to turn on. 

They can also help save money on your energy bill. The installation process is usually easy, and there are digital and  electromechanical options available. If you want a simple system,  electromechanical thermostats are easy to program and usually utilize sliding bars. Digital thermostats provide a greater variety of options. 

Add weatherstripping

Adding weatherstripping aids in saving energy. In the winter time, your furnace won’t have to be pushed as hard to heat your home. Add weather stripping to your front door and windows that are opened frequently. 

DIY home improvement projects are an outstanding means to energize a space. Trying out these home improvement ideas is a great way to start your home renovation without breaking the bank. 

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